Location:Brisbane, Australia

1st buggy at 14 years old, now 39 = 25 years RC... that makes me Vintage right?

As a young teenager, went with friends to the now gone Southern Suburbs Off-road RC Car Club in Sydney. Also as a young teen, didn't have enough money to support full racing involvement. That changed of course, and spent time racing electric and nitro on-road and off-road here and there.

It became evident of course, never raced as hard as my 2 brothers... I was always too concerned with damaging a car. Having worked early in engineering, had to admit became addicted to the progressive engineering with everything that is RC. Have had my hand on heaps of RC's, but currently have it boiled to a selected 30 that all have particularly meaning from the Golden Age of RC.

I don't believe in Santa anymore, but I do believe that RC can bond people and cease all world conflicts!

My Tamiyaclub friends...