Location:Hengelo, Netherlands
Ebay ID:Crash-Chris

Hello, I am Christian from the Netherlands.
Some of you might know me as 'Crash-Chris' at Ebay. I started with R/C cars when I was nine years old with the SRB Ford Ranger. I have been very active with Tamiya R/C cars untill I discovered Motorcyles at the age of 18.
Aproximately six years later I re-discovered the R/C cars and started collecting. I was probably one of the first Tamiya collectors in the Netherlands and in a few years time I collected over 100 vintage Tamiya's.
Last year I purchased my ultimate childhood dream and for me the last absolute WANNAHAVE for my collection; The Toyota Hilux #28 NIB!
This is why I think I can become a TC-member after all these years..........
I really hope you all enjoy the pictures of my collection.