Location:The Netherlands
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Hi. I like to introduce myself. I have an interest in RC from the seventies but at that time the hobby was expensive and out of reach for a kid. Around the mid eighties I bought my first RC car: The Monster Beetle. (sold many years ago). After the MB the TA-01 Ford Escort (tiger stripes) was my second car. It is still my favourite and restored in near mint condition (now with the Delta re-re body, the Escort body is stored). Only additions to the TA-01 are an upgraded drive shaft, a torque splitter and ball bearings where possible.
My runners are a M03 and a TL-01 with the first Scooby body (McRea's car). This chassis has had much abuse but is still going strong. Its has aluminium Tamiya dampers, a speed tuned gear, ESC, aluminium hollow drive shaft and a Tamiya RZ motor as upgrades. It is fast. The TA-03RS in my showroom is sold long ago. A built CC-01 FJ40 is in my collection. The Avante Mk2 is my son's RC car. What I like about Tamiya? It is always perfect. And if not it is.