Location:New Jersey, USA
Ebay ID:thamson

Had some Tamiya RC's back in the early to mid 80's when I was 13 thru 15. Had a Frog, Hornet & then a Hotshot I (if my memory serves me). Spent the summer's racing in the streets with my cousin in West Sussex, England.

Raced a couple of times after that, in organized races (I think with the Frog). Then for some reason (Puberty I expect....) I swapped my Hotshot for a BMX with a guy up the street. And that was the end of it....

Moved to USA in 97 for work. Recently ignited my interest in RC again in Jan 2009. Don't even want to list how many cars I have purchased in such little time :-p

Getting my money's worth from TamiyaClub. This site and the people I've met on it is just amazing.

An (edition 1) Hotshot 1 got me started again in January 2009. 20+ cars now and counting..Need a bigger house to store them, and a larger garden to run them :-p

Gotten heavily into Outdoor racing in the summer of 2009, specifically; Spec Slash Offroad, Spec Slash Oval, Spec Rustler Oval, 2WD Modified Buggy Offroad (B4), 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy Offroad (RC8). Ran an awesome Indoor Winter season of 2009/2010, running an Associated 12R5, 10R5, 18R and CEFX 12th Scale Oval pan car.

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