Location:Clacton On Sea Essex
Ebay ID:bailey01255

As most of the members on here, i was into Tamiya Rc in the 80s. My car then was a Striker which i drove in to the ground!!
I'm now married and in my 30s and got back into the hobby a few years ago while i was off work ill, and bought a Rising Storm. This gave me the bug, and now constantly keep on at the wife for more models!!
She gave in and i bought myself a Lunch box, which i always wanted the first time round.
I'm now wanting to get more involved and take on some restorations and hop-ups. A good friend gave me an old Manta Ray with the box which needs work. I also bought a Ford Mondeo from Ebay to work on and run.
I'm always on the look out for a new model or restoration on ebay.
I love to build and work on these models, but I don't have that much knowledge, and will always be very grateful of any help and advice!! Thanks!!

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