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I have been into Kyosho cars nearly all my life, and have been actively collecting & building since 1999. My favorite R/C chassis is the Kyosho FW03 FOUR II & FW04 SuperTen. Almost all my builds focus on the O.S. FS26S-C four stroke engine. My favorite tuning-brands are M.Speed, Sparrow Japan, FORM, Five Stars, Racy, FUN, Phoenix & Cross. Most (if not all) of these companies no longer exist.

Another long running love of mine is the O.S. FS-120S-SP Roots-type Super Charged airplane four stroke engine that O.S. produced from 1990-1998. It's been called 'the most frustrating' engine O.S. ever created. -I've got hours upon hours... gallons and gallons testing & tuning the FS-120S-SP. It's one amazing & powerful engine. Boost pressure is around 15psi @ 8800 rpm.

I've been a motorcycle tech for the past 15 years; and I'd love to build a 4-Stroke FS-26S powered R/C motorcycle sometime soon... Hmmm; might as well start now. Also would like to build a large scale, 4-Stroke powered sprint car.

Other interests include: DJ turntable battle-scratch 'arson' - I DJ'd for a very 'widely known' metal band from 2000-2008. I've fully built & modified 5 Japanese-spec Honda Monkey / road-race mini bikes. I love Takegawa, Daytona & Kitaco parts.

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