Location:England, Brighton
Ebay ID:gruntfuggly

I used to run a Sand Scorcher back in the early 80s, and decided to get back into the hobby recently. My first car was a Sand Rover, which seemed really fast (with the 380 motor) until I bought a Sand Scorcher from the guy over road. This came with most of an XR311 too (not body though). Both of these got fairly hammered - I can't even remember what happened to them...

Current runners: Dyna Blaster, F350 HiLift, Dark Impact...

People I'd trade with again (in no particular order):

kev the rev, Corpse Thrower, focus1, proffesorslot

oldguycomesback, kingeddie, evoman, nokemyster

Biggus Ditchus, phoenix, terry.sc, scollins, TamiyaWizard

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