Location:Northern Ireland
Ebay ID:ken.harkness

Hi my name is Ken I have been into R/C for about 21 years now.
My first car was a Tamiya Countach 1:12 scale, which I sold to finance the purchase of a used Frog/Brat and new Opal Ascona. Both of these cars were in my attic until 2000 when I dusted them down and fired them up again, even with 20 year old batteries. Well as they say the bug bit me again. I went out and bought a TG10 mk1 Subaru which I hopped up, then I bought a FF02 for racing indoors, very fast but can't corner on a resin floor. After the indoor season ended I built a carbon TB01 from hopups and spare parts, but raced the TG10 outside, everyone asks what is it HPI or Yokomo ? and when I tell them it's a Tamiya with a Protech Megan shell they all say I started out with a Frog or Sand Scorcher.
Anyway end of outdoor racing looms, the TB01 has two new shells a Clio and a Merc Truck, so indoors here I come.
My club website is www.umcc.co.uk.

Many thanks for putting up with my ranting, all the hairy chest Ken.

As promised the web address for the guy who painted the Volvo 850 and a few of my other shells is:- asdesignsbodyshells.com
The website is still being created, but will be running shortly.
Andy will either supply and paint or paint your shell and post to anywhere in the UK or Ireland. If you are talking to him tell him that I sent you.

All the best Ken.

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