Location:Essex UK
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I got my first Tamiya at the age of 10, a Holiday Buggy for Christmas 1980. That was it for me I was hooked, best ever car I had was my Scorcher/Rough Rider 1981, the bug continued through many more, Audi Quattro Rally 1983, Mitsubishi Pajero (the mad wheelie one) 1985, the list goes on. I got into 1/8th scale nitro through the 90's then it all fizzled away soon after that. But with the re-re of the SRB's I feel its time to start again (the wife's not impressed but I'm well excited). All those amazing memories its going to be fun. I've no idea where my cars ended up but I hope to get my new Scorcher soon, can't wait to see those blister packs.
Then joining this website I realised I needed a nickname, hence SRB Bloke was created. After starting back in to the hobby with the re release of the Sand Scorcher and Buggy Champ. I knew I wanted to build good models to join with all the other talent on here.
I found that bespoke tyres were wanted by many members and started modifying the SS and RR tyres for over 60 members.
Then I started building alloy exhausts and form my SRB Bloke Racing Team, which has been slow to form :)