Location:France / Spain

Hi, my name is Ludovic (alias Kuruma). I'm a design draftman in mechanical engineering. I'm French and I live in Spain for 2 years now.

I started in RC cars in 1999 when I was thirteen (with a Kyosho PureTen GP Spider Mk2 4wd). Unfortunately, after 2 years I had to sell it because of insuffisiant money (I still regret it).

Six years ago (in 2008) I returned in RC cars and I started my collection (thanks to my first paycheck).

Today I'm a big fan of RC history and Vintage RC cars. I collect vintage and contemporaries RC cars. I love to analyse the design of atypical and rare models. I love paradoxal models.

With time I have more and more experience and I appreciate a lot to restore RC cars from every period.

Today I try to buy the models which made me dream when I was young (I'm sure we are a lot in this case !).

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