Purchased my first R/C (Tamiya Blackfoot) in the mid 80's and still have it today. Approx. two years ago I was introduced to Nitro R/C's. Nitro's OK, but kinda limits where you can play. Very loud and can get smelly with rich smoke and burning nitro :-) Started collecting only a little over a year ago. I met a really nice lady online and she actually started me with the hop-ups by sending me a whole load of parts. I knew nothing about the parts and through research, found that most were for the Tamiya Blackfoot and many other vintage Tamiya trucks like the clodbuster, king cab, midnight pumpkin and so on...Wait a minute!...Parts for the Blackfoot? I have that truck! :-P And BAMMMMMMM!!!!!! The building craze had begun....I was hooked and wanted to build more, so I next got the King Cab and the rest is history....Now I've got a bunch of tricked out Tamiya R/C's and have the crave for more. I like this site because I see a few familiar names that I've dealt with or has helped me with the hobby and they are, My Bro Brad aka Monsterbeetleguy, AJRupp, Hua15, Jerzirccar, and the man with the plan netsmithUK Thanks for the parts Chris and Great Job with the Site! :-)
Hopefully I can have the pleasure of making your acquaintance. In the mean time, I'll be chill'n looking for parts to build my next project.

My Tamiyaclub friends...