Location:southend on sea
Ebay ID:howitzer2871

At last ive been meaning to join this site for a couple of years,what a quality site it is for people into the hobbie.Anyway it was xmas 1984 and after going on and on about it for months i got the grasshopper which was awesome it cost twice as much as my usual xmas present.I loved that car had it for a couple of years and never up graded the motor, it only got a new paint job from time to time which i loved doing.Then after saving up and selling the grasshopper i got the boomerang RS540,oil filled shocks,4WD that car to me was sheer quality,raced it a few times but became to expensive with replaceing broken parts from crashes on the track.then as the story goes sold it this time to get a boat and did not see tamiya untill i got a computer 2007 (late starter) and saw tamiyas old promotion video on the frog and after showing it re-released.I was well shocked i had spoken to a mate at work about R/C cars and tamiyas a few years earlier, he told me that they stopped making kit cars years ago and you could only get them ready to run pre-built modern cars. So now armed with this info i was straight down to my nearest model shop,what a great feeling to see those old 80s buggys on the shelf in the original boxes with that fantastic box art which Iam just mad about. now trying to get all the great tamiya buggys from the 80s and any others that catch my eye, to which there are many.