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Hello, I am Markus. My first experience with Tamiya RC cars was in the early 90's with a Bear Hawk and a Toyota Prerunner. They are still running and give first RC experience to my little son.
Like many of you, I paused many years building and running rc-cars. Other things like study and building up a family became more important. When my son was born, i looked for my old toys in the attic. I found my Tamiya RC cars an went to a local Hobby store for new batteries. I bought 2 Batteries and a Tamiya High Lift. Since that I am hooked to Tamiya offroad RC cars.
I mainly collect old used offroad cars with hard body for restoration.

My favorite cars are:
58004 XR311 Combat Support Vehicle (also the ReRelease)
58007 Cheetah

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