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I discovered the fascinating world of RC at the age of 11. It was the box art that gave me so much inspiration and desire to have one of these. My first RC car was a Madcap. Some years later I sold it and purchased a Avante 2001. Had lot of fun with it but lost interest when I got my autocycle driving license (at the age of 16) and was more into anything that had 2 wheels and a motor. To finance the restoration of a vintage scooter I sold the Avante. About 15 years later I somehow stumbeld into the hobby again. The start made a WW2. A Golf Racing Gr. 2 restoration project followed. At the beginning my intention was to just build the WW2 and restore the Golf. But I somehow got 'outta control'. There are 2 original Sand Scorchers in my 'garage'. The collection keeps growing with some vintage NIB kits (I love box art) and several resto projects ...