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Just got back into it now my 6yr old son is showing an intrest. he saw a 1/10 nikko 206 i had in the box room and wanted to play with it so both of us have now really got into it , i forgot how much fun it was!!! So i had to get my all time rc icon the BOOMERANG!! used to have a boomerang in my teenage years and i loved it! so first thing i did was buy a 2008 boomerang and build it.... loved building it and i'm sure i would have been able to do it blindfolded as i must have re-built and fixed that beat up old boomer i had a 100 times... NOW I want more and more! My son has a quick drive thundershot for bashing about and i have a couple of runners to have fun with. will post pictures soon of projects and my other runners. i'm a keen photographer so its nice to combine the two intrests and catch some pics of the cars in action! thanks for reading.

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