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Got in to the hobby way back in the early eighties and stayed with it through until the early nineties. Then I drifted out of it after getting married, moving abroad, moving back home and having kids.

A couple of years back my eldest convinced me to dust off my (very) old Manta Ray that was no shelf queen in the garage and, after a complete rebuild and some modifications, its now a very nice runner and we can be seen fighting over the transmitter in the local park !

Needless to say, like many on here I'd forgotten how much I loved this hobby !

I now have the following projects planned, but will have fun with the newly restored Manta Ray, Losi XXX-SCB, Anderson M5 Bike (great fun, steep learning curve) and Mardave V12 Caterham:

- Restore my old Kyosho Big Brute, Kyosho SuperTen Ford Escort Nitro

- Restore my Hobby Products Texas Wild Baja (may convert to brushless).

- Build my (NIB) Tamiya Sand Scorcher, Sand Rover, FAV, XR311 & Kyosho Sand Master.

This is a great site with a fantastic community.

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