Location:North Lanarkshire
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Hi I'm Dave - i'm 37 and a Manufacturing Engineer based in Mid Wales. i got into Tamiya's buying a Volvo 850 FWD Kit in the mid 90's and recently dug it out of the attic - race bearings fitted already, so new battery technology and new tyres soon had me up and running again! Around the same time my brother had a Super Blackfoot which unfortunately got smashed - i've now fully restored it. About 4 yrs ago i bought the Metallic Edition of the Midnight Pumpkin - brilliant set but too nice to take outside! Really bitten by the Tamiya bug so over the last 8 months have built up a great collection: Lunch Box (Mystery Machine Style), MudBlaster (Restoration), Hornet (Restoration), Hotshot (Re-Re), New TT01E Golf, TT01 Mazda RX7 Drift Spec, M05 Ltd Ed Jap Mini (Br Racing Green), M05RA Alpine A110, Escort Cosworth (Restoration), VW Beetle (Herbie Style) and of course a Sand Scorcher which i adore. Just purchased Scania R470 Metallic with full gear (MFC,Oil shocks,Alu wheels, Carson Poison motor etc). 2011 has been a busy year personally - been away from the club a bit lately but been doings tons of Tamiya stuff - just updated my showroom a bit, hope you like - on top of what's showing i've also built a TT01 Lambo Countach in iridescent pink/gold, a Lancia Delta (TT01 again) and just about to do the ReRe Ltd Ed Chrome Subaru Brat (spare poly shell to be done in Lame Flake). Also on the way is a Renault 5 GT Turbo (new M05ra) - will follow a few people and make the Street version - few colour choices, either Gold,Copper, Gun metal or most probably Sky Blue Anodised Aluminium. hope to keep you all posted soon. Best wishes to all for 2012 and happy modelling! Dave (Jan 2012)

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