Location:South Dakota
Ebay ID:red884trax

My friends call me JB. I have worked in construction and maintenance all my life. I got into the hobby years ago out of curiosity. Went to the nearest hobby shop and fell in love with the Bruiser and had to have one, so I ordered one and have been hooked ever since. I think I am obsessed with it at times. I have enjoyed RC collecting from the mid 1980's. My very first kit was the Tamiya Bruiser and I still have it. I recently restored it into a rock crawler (year and a half) it was well used for many years in stock form, then torn apart and left in a box for many years. It once again is a fine piece of work, a testament to the quality of this kit. I currently have four bruisers. One is a perfect example (in my opinion) of the original kit and box art, purchased new and built myself in the eighties, one is my original Bruiser purchased new as well and restored as a rock crawler. One is a project that I have recently started as a rock crawler, with parts that I have collected for years . And one more Bruiser that I recently acquired for a crawler project. I have a few other cars and trucks of different brands that I have collected and built over the years.