Location:Gloucester, UK
Ebay ID:ibiftkh

My first RC was a Sand Rover, bought new in 1983 or there-abouts. Revisited the hobby at various times then really got the bug again in 2009.
My current collection -

Wild Willy M38 SWB

Wild Willy M38 LWB

Willy's Wheeler

Wild Willy 2 (x5)

Willy's Wheeler (WR-02 conversion)

Honda City Turbo (x6)

Honda City Turbo (MF-01X chassis)

Willy's VW Type 2 (x4)

Jimny wheelie

Counterfeit StumpSco

FJ40 GF-01

GF-01 with Wild Willy 2 body

GF-01 with Ford Aeromax body

GF-01TR Monster Beetle Trail

Montero (on modified WR-02 chassis)

Wild Saurus (scratch-built body, WR-02 chassis)

Snackbox (shortened Lunchbox body on GF-01 chassis)

Lunimog (shortened Unimog body on WR-02 chassis)

Willy's Wrangler (Wrangler body on modified WR-02 chassis)

Tumbling Bull (x2)

Dancing Rider

Dancing Rider hybrid

Comical Grasshopper

Comical Hornet

Comical Frog

Comical Avante

Clod Wild Willy hybrid

TLT-1 with Wild Willy 2 body

TLT-1 modified with Wild Willy 2 body (WWPD)

TLT-1 modified with Lunchbox body

Wild Dagger (modified) with Monster Beetle body

Wild Dagger (modified) with Blackfoot body


M-05 with Mini Clubman body

M-05 with Mini pickup body

M-05 with Honda City Turbo body

MF-01X with Ford RS200 body

'Bad Bug' M06 chassis with Sand Scorcher body

Oshkosh HEMTT (scratch built)

Kyosho Blizzard with scratch built M113 body

Traxxas Slash (x2)

Traxxas E-Revo

Axial Exo

And the name? I Bought It For The Kids, Honest!! :)