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I had a 1/10 scale jeep in '81 xmas I was about nine. It was white, quite scale in its details and driving it had very soft grippy tyres, its electronics were in cased in a clear orange plastic shell. I loved it at the time I was in saudi arabia so I took it to the beach and desert. I came back to England, made a new freind who had a 'Mighty Frog' the speed blew me away he said my poor old jeep was no good as you couldn't change crystals. So on to my xmas list went a frog I even designed my pait scheme, but alas it never came. Fast forward 25 years or so I noticed the grasshopper and hornet, as I was getting back into the music I liked, looking at old raleigh burners and other old toys form that time I said to my self ok if the frog come back I'm in. Ordered one from Modelsport the moment it got there, saw this site soon after before the frog arrived. I think around the time the community scorcher was coming together. Now I have the frog, two touregs with other bodies, and a sand scorcer and a buggy champ with an extra scorcher body built and nib waiting to be built a brat, two more touaregs, a wrangler a pajero and another scorcher. I have the following shells waiting also, defender, discovery, hardbodied land crusier and a blackfoot xtreme. Oh and 3 extras of the pajeros a la Gozone cheers for the heads up. I would like to thank mr T for all the re-re's and all tamiyaclub for all the joy it has brought me and making my a fully fleged addict. peace. {{{}}} i have since found myself the owner of 3 honcho kits, and have add the fav and blackfoot 3 shell to my will get soon list. now more than ever thinking about taking the vintage leap i have come close on many occasions but lost out to others, maybe now is the time.