My first rc car was a Nikko Frame Buggy. I remember strapping a torch to the roof then anxiously waiting for night time. Great little car (I was only about 8 years old). Then when I was 13 one of my mates had a Lunchbox. WOW! I was amazed by that van! But I didn't have the money so I got another Nikko - a 4x4 truck. Pretty cack when all my mates were using; Boomerang, Lunchbox, Blackfoot, Bush Devil. Then I saved all my money and got a second hand Lunchbox. Then some of my mates got Bullhead and Clodbuster. I then got an old Wild one, Manta Ray, Mini Cooper (x2), Cougar 2, Mini Mardave, Yokomo touring car, and a Nitro Thunder Tiger. I used to race the Cougar 2 when I was 15. (and I raced the Yokomo 5 years ago). I sold all the cars I had apart from the ones had got smashed up - including my Lunchbox!
And now after browsing on ebay I bought a Clodbuster which started my love for rc all over again.