Location:Market Harborough, UK
Ebay ID:tester9202

i'm 16, british and seriously interested in Tamiyas. i originally got into radio controlled cars and vehicles when Robot wars hit our UK screens. i was hooked and didn't miss a show until it was ditched by the BBC a few years ago. by the time that had gone, i had found TC and was instanly hooked by the friendly members with serious interests.

i got myself an XB pajero from Tower Hobbies and set about turning it into a serious off-roader. a few years down the line, i have added a new motor, ESC, modded the suspension and fitted a home made winch. i've also got myself an HPI Savage 25 and modded that too.

apart from Tamiyas, i'm very interested in Land Rovers, and after 2 driving experiences in a 110 and Discovery 3, i want one.

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