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hello, i've been a tamiya fan since the day i have seen one in the hobby shops. I can remember i was about 8 years old (27 years ago) i wanted one so bad my father kept saying, NO,NO,NO. You don't know how to put that together nor do I. It all started then my mission to try and get one....
My collection: I consists of some new in box kits........from late 70's tanks mostly... and early 80's are new built hilux, blazer, sand scorcher, super champ, bruisers, mountaineers, porsche 959, celica gr. b, hotshot, avante,
and all of the rigs and trailers. I did alot of hobbyshop picking for old tamiya parts...all over bought and sold built a lot of r/c kept my favorite's.
Thanks for the interest i will post some pics. soon

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