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I have collected and sold since 1986. My fist R/C was a Marui Hunter. My cousin had one and I just needed to get one! After that I got into Tamiya R/C simply because of the box artwork lol I remember seeing the RC10 with gold chassis and I thought the picture box was LAME. Tamiya's just really made your imagination run wild! I've always was into building Tamiya models, very detailed accurate scales and the R/Cs are no exceptions. My first Tamiya was the one and only 'The Hornet', in which gave it a green color scheme and called it 'The Green Hornet'. I bet I wasn't the only one =) Lots of my friends were getting into them and would purchase Tamiya R/C(based on my recommendations) and helped, sometimes build to whole car for them. That is where I found my excitement. Come on how great is it to build one without ever having to pay for it! lol It would have been nice to keep them though. Especially after what my friends put them through(AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!) Currently have, the original frog, astute, TXT-1, and baja champ(step-son project). Planning to get my 5yr old daughter into it....hhmmmmm...thinking she can build the Avante on her own LOL

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