Ebay ID:dormina123

i have been into rc for about 12 years, raced for most of them. now i own 2 x 3 speeds: new build hilux hi lift and a very nice modified ford f150 ranger xlt and a mint rough rider + 1 for spares or restoration, 3 sand scorchers including moosey's number 43 and 1 for restoration. i love the hilux but as a boy i had a passion for the sand scorcher and slowly i am aquireing and restoring as many as i can find and afford. each one will have it's own theme and personality. number 43 will stay in my collection for ever togerther with the dvd which made it famous ( tamiya101.com moosey mania ). i love this bug as i love all of them. i hope you like my models and what i have done to them.