Location:Australia (Sydney)
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Back in the UK as a teenager in the early 80's, my parents bought me a NIB Sand Scorcher. My father built it, and I used to race it during the warm summer months at local UK clubs. Most race meetings were held in village halls, or school gyms on wooden floors.

A few years back, I was surprised to discover it was still possible to buy a NIB Sand Scorcher. I now have the means to buy & collect the models I want. You start out collecting the models you once had as a kid, and then discover all the other models you never even knew about.

I've been collecting for the past 8 years, and am now the proud owner of a vintage TOP 50 Tamiya collection. I fully restore each model, tracking down the missing parts.

I have models beyond the TOP 50, like Mountaineer, Buggy Champ, Scorcher 2010 and many other runners which I enjoy playing with.

It's also a hobby that the wife doesn't mind too much, as it keeps me in the house (and not down the pub or out with my mates). You just need to ensure you keep the models stored out-of-sight !!!