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I had RC cars as a kid (FAV, Boomerang) and started collecting almost 8 years ago when a saw an old Sand Scorcher for sale. I now have quite a collection and actually have a problem deciding what to buy next. I have all Tamiya's I REALLY like and now have to start collecting cars I like less...... Hmmzz.

I hadn't updated my Tamiyaclub page in 2 years. Decided to update all my pictures with nicer ones and add missing cars. I moved from Holland to Singapore over 4 years ago. It's a great place to live and work. Just had to sell my cars; I had a BMW 535i and a Porsche 928S4 that had to go.... Cars are expensive here and since it's always warm here bought a motorcycle instead. A nice Honda CBR900RR fireblade. It goes like a bat out of hell :-) 187 km/h in second gear and I have 6 gears....

I have some new hobbies so did not spend much time on Tamiya's. Picking up speed again now :-)

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