Location:Birmingham UK
Ebay ID:raynahth

Got my first Tamiya in 1984 which was a Grasshopper that I modded up for racing with most aftermarket parts, some of which were useless. Over the years I raced most makes and types although 2wd has always been my preferred class. In the last ten years I have bought, restored and sold/traded on a large number of Tamiya models just to finance the next one. I mostly have older 2wd buggies although I am trying to restore some Kyosho Ultima STs I bought on ebay.

Update 11/3/2017. Haven't done a lot with my RC for nearly two years but have bought an Axial SCX10 CR unlimited version which I like, Have upgraded the Pajero a few times but not run it for two years. Also Upgraded the Wraith and also not run it. I purchased a Neo Fighter Buggy off here and didn't run that so it seems to be the story of my life at the moment. I also bought a Re-re XR311 off here but it was poorly packed and the glue gave up on the bodywork and driver whilst on route so I need to restore that. I purchased a Sand Scorcher that is mechanically an original version but has a re-re body set on it that I custom painted in Camel racing colours. I also purchased a MK1 Subaru Brat off here that I am pleased with, but once again I did a runner restore by fitting new gears and ball races but haven't run it. The body is a bit cracked but I glued it together and added re-re tinted glass as I couldn't get original clear windows for it.

I currently own the following:- Grasshopper 1, Wild Willy 2, Lunch Box, Midnight Pumpkin, M01 Rover Mini, M03 Rover mini, Sand Scorcher, Subaru Brat, Manta Ray project, King Blackfoot, Brushless Neo Fighter Buggy, Brushless Sand viper, CC01 Metaltop Pajero, Re release XR311, Axial Wraith (RTR), Axial Jeep JK Unlimited CR version (RTR), Maverick Strada EVO MT along with various boats, a couple of electric planes and a mix of 00 Gauge, N Gauge and 009 gauge model railways.

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