Location:Northampton UK
Ebay ID:ntfclub

I have been a huge fan since the early 80's and have still got my original GrassHopper, x2 The FROG's and Boomerang.
In the process of re-building a original Subaru Brat and original Sand-Scorcher.
I have many original Tamiya Catalog's and Tamiya RC Catalog's as well as the original manuals and extra original decal sheets for the GrassHopper, FROG and Boomerang.
Nickname came from yes you guessed it Strawberry Blonde Hair although going slightly greyish. :)
I have just purchased a Vintage Holiday Buggy which will also go through the project stage as it needs a little work.
Really need to finish a project but as always never finish before starting another, thats why this hobbie is so great, and Tamiya kits are so versitile and interchangable. :-)