Location:Tripoli, Libya (yes really)
Ebay ID:ukclaire

I blame it all on my (ex)boyfriend Roop(ID=380)....he bought a Tamiya Porsche 911 Taisan Starcard and so I started looking on eBay for Christmas/Birthday gifts for him and I managed to get an unused, half built Tamiya 959 with the old Rothman Decals. The 959 ended up being his Christmas present amongst other Tamiya cars (see his profile for pictures/details).

My first Tamiya was a Monster Beetle that I got from a guy at work, which I am using as a occasional runner till I have enough new parts to retire it as a shelf queen. I need to stop buying cars for WireLess and get more for me.

And that's it really.....

23/02/2010 - I am BACK...not in the UK any more *boohoo* based out in sunny (and sandy) Libya (yes really...!) *YAY*, still gonna keep my UK Claire name though just to be awkward *snigger*

We have a Tamiya meet over here and race each time there the F1 GP on, so the season is starting soon. Borrowing a buggie till I am back in the UK for a holiday then I can stock up on all the best toys..! my credit card is going to take a beating...LOL

So what's the gossip..? ;)

My Tamiyaclub friends...