Location:Cleveland, Ohio
Ebay ID:dcp2798

I am an avid hobbyist who enjoys modeling historical aviation subjects and vintage radio control cars from the 80's. My first RC car was a Tamiya Hornet I purchased with money from my paper route when I was a kid. A tear later I received a Tamiya Super Champ for Christmas! It was one of the best Christmas presents I remember growing up.

Over the years, Iive sold or lost most of my RC Cars and equipment. I remember selling my Super Champ and have always regretted it.

A few weeks ago, while having a beer and browsing the Internet, I ran across a used Super Champ on ebay. I became quite nostalgic so I bought it!

Over the last couple weeks I've been collecting parts to restore it as much as possible. That's when i ran across this site. The members do such outstanding work, and i am truly inspired by it…

My Tamiyaclub friends...