Ebay ID:leeipkiss7769

I started with a monster beetle back when i was about 13 and recently got back into the RC game about 10 months ago when i started with a blackfoot extreme, which i have spent a fortune on upgrading it but i have enjoyed doing so very much, i have also got a HPI vorza Flux, traxxas E-revo brushless and i am building a 4wd blackfoot, i started with a blackfoot and have added the extra gearbox and other upgrades so to me it is still a blackfoot.
I have recently also bought off ebay another blackfoot extreme and 2 King blackfoots which are going to be my next projects.

My third blackfoot extreme im and going to make stock but with a bright yellow body, 1 of my king blackouts will be vintage box art and the second king blackfoot will be hopped up as much as i can.

I have massively got the tamiya bug now as i have started to collect more cars/trucks to be shelf queens and a few to keep NIB, i have just got myself 2 gold edition hotshots, 2 metallic edition subaru brats, 1 honda civic R3 and a metallic midnight pumpkin.