Location:Torquay,Devon,United Kingdom
Ebay ID:acesales50

Ello chaps, probably one of the youngest on here, most of the cars I own are considerably older than me but that adds to the appeal of them for me. My dad got me into RC when I was about 4 when he bought home a second hand Tandy 4x4 pickup and since then ive never really stopped. Went through phases, first it was mainly touring cars then after a house move 1/10 buggies and trucks came the main thing. I did Mardave circuit racing for about 9 years, a couple years with 1/12 pan cars as well but the serious side of RC became too much and I enjoyed playing with Tamiyas more. In the past year ive had a few life changes to be honest and I did loose interest for a bit and hugely reduced the collection down too a more manageable and fun size. As my username suggests I am a Hilux/bruiser fan but as you can see from my showroom im a SRB head, probably more so now after purchasing my best scorcher yet.