Location:North Carolina, USA
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I've loved tinkering with mechanical/electrical/software things since I was a teenager in the 80s, but could never really afford hobby-grade RC. I would regularly read RC Car Action's annual buying guide and soak up the descriptions about products, but other things were always higher priority (college studies, career development, raising a family, house repairs, car repairs, vacations, etc.). It's only since the early 2010s I've had some funds and time to pursue the hobby, and it's enriched me in many ways. I feel RC is a great hobby because it stretches one's abilities in many directions at the same time. It seems each successive model is an opportunity to try something new and grow, whether it is mechanical construction and fine-tuning, electronics (including lighting, sound, smoke, etc.), software tools (like computation/programming packages and CAD packages), painting, detailing, graphic design, creative design, 3D printing, etc. It's an all-encompassing activity I use to express myself.

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