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I got my first Tamiya - a first-generation Falcon - for my Christmas present in 1986. Since then I have had numerous Tamiyas but moved on to the race-friendly Kyosho and Schumacher buggies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. For a long time I've wanted to collect some of my favourite buggies but was never in a financial position to do so. I am now fortunate to have a few pennies extra each month to ensure a slow but steady growth in my collection.
During 2007, I cut back my collection quite significantly as emigration from the UK to Switzerland forced me to be more storage space conscious. Since then I have started to acquire more models and got back into r/c racing with a TT-01, TA-05R and a Vintage Fire Dragon. My r/c helicopter collection really took off (excuse the pun) so ended up with 20 or so classic Kyosho Concepts and such...

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