Location:NY USA

I started my venture into the RC hobby back in the early 80's my first car was the world engines Rockbuster basically a Grasshopper. It didn't stop there i built my first airplane and joined a club to learn how to fly. I also joined a local racing club and started dirt oval racing after buying several RC-10's and converting them to mid engine and dirt oval bodys. In the mean time i acquired a few Tamiya's including the fox and Clodbuster . I always wanted some of the SRB's and of course a Brusier but the racing took up most of my cash.
I still fly but gave up racing sold all my Oval racing cars 9 in all and got back into the tamiya stuff .I now have close to 20 tamiyas and a few Nitro 1/8th scale trucks. I look forward to adding my collection to the showroom.

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