Location:Bristol england
Ebay ID:richarddenning

Been collecting on and off for about 12 years, my collection keeps growing!! I like various makes not just Tamiya, anything interesting is fine by me. Just finished restoring the family's second 1950's Paramount (it's a full size car) I really should stick to smaller stuff, it's easier!

Great people I have had traded with from TC, in no particular order:
Netsmith, Hillman666, jayjay, tamichael, markus, Biggusditchus, ChrisB, 67CamaroSS, Twinset, Huffmiester, Bluefoot, Constructor, purple_rob, sandman, Blazerfrazer, marty, gecko-no-more, Spike, Tylerdurden.
If I’ve traded with you and your names not on the list it just means I’m getting old and my memory’s not so good so dropprop me a note to remind me!