Oh dear…… back collecting Tamiya kits again after a few years away from such eye widening delights, nothing better than when you open your latest Tamiya kit for the first time, the smell of the new rubber from the tyres to the rustle of those little bags of screws, nuts and bolts……..feels like your 12 years old again :) So going on that, bought my first Tamiya car back in 1987 (Boomerang) good times, was second hand but was my pride and joy, had several r/c cars before that but nothing compared to the Boomerang, went on from there buying new kits- Blackfoot, Vanquish, Clodbuster, Hornet, escort cozworth, then moved on to Kyosho kits also, nitro on road and off road, in my garage I now have Tamiya 5.2 TNX and Kyosho world cup on road car, also Kyosho inferno nitro off road buggy and a Yokomo MR-4BC electric buggy…...hiding in my loft I have packed away as collector items, original Boomerang, NIB Egress, Porsche 959, The Fox (original), Madcap x 2, Top force, Lamborgini Countach, Fire dragon, King Cab, Astute, Terra Conqueror, Super shot, Dyna storm, Vanquish, Blitzer Beetle, Boomerang, Super astute and a Hilux monster racer... always looking for more NIB models so if you have one for sale drop me an e-mail :) ain't it funny' after all these years we always go back to doing things that interested us when we were 12 years old........ BIG thanks to Tamiya for making sooooo many happy memories to many a child and adult.......check out my photo album for NIB kits ;)