I'm an 80's kid who remembers some of the great older vintage kits. The days of being on the park and seeing so many great kits are long gone but will alwaysI was always mesmerized by every kit on the market but being from a poor family was never able to own one!

25 years on (im still poor) but still mesmerized by the older kits (even some of the newer, realistic kits now!) and have decided to take up collecting as much as I can.

I hold much nostalgia for the older new in box kits and aim to collect as many of these, preferably kits from 76 up to the mid 90's. Any NIB kits that I get hold of I will be keeping as NIB's ~ some might say this is boring but these kits should be kept as is to show the future how us oldies (or will be in the future) were kept entertained!

In my new quest I have picked up a 959 for resto, a Taisan Porsche NIB(sealed) and managed to get my hands on 58001 as a NIB. Although I may have paid the top end (or possibly over) for this kit, it is something I will treasure (and probably never sell!).

So for anyone reading this please let me know if you have any 76-2000 NIB's that you would like to pass on to a passionate collector... Cossie's, Delta, 3 series are particular fave's of mine... but I will consider anything.

Stating the obvious but any 58002-50's will always be appreciated!!

Glad to have finally caught the bug, got the bug going and to be part of this club, any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!!