Location:Athens Greece
Ebay ID:trx124d

I started with plastic models in the late 80's.Every kit i had was a tamiya because of their quality.Then i started the RC hobby in the early 90's always with Tamiya kits
(i have also a associated sc10.I am still waiting for a Tamiya short Course)
Manta ray and the Toyota GT-four where my first kits
Then i stopped for almost a decade and started again a few years ago
Today my collection has a Dyna storm, Ta-02 racing chassis,53166 frp ta-02 chassis set all NIB from the old days.
Plus RM-01,XV-01 pro, Avante 2011,xr311,Ta-05 verII,Ta-05 vdf verII and 3-4 Top forces from spare parts

P.S. I apologize if my english is not good

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