Location:In the atic room of my house, UK
Ebay ID:malcs_r.c._models

Hi there fellow tamaracks my name is Malcolm and I'm 49 from the west Midlands. I got my first car on the 23rd of July 1988 it was the hornet in my showroom.

I have been racing from then till now with only a few breaks. I don't have many OLD cars but I have the one's wanted or had/raced/sold over my racing years.

I have 2 category's of cars now, runners for fun and runners for racing. I did used to have shelf queens of some of my race cars but they just gathered dust and got brittle.

I try to keep to under 50 cars and go racing every Friday at my local indoor club (Dudley) running my TT01E with a 21.5 motor in or my TRF416WE with 17.5 moor. I used to go down to the kiddy outdoor track whenever I like (I know the gate code and have been a member for many many years) but it's now been closed as the land was sold for some useless football crap. I am the 'leader' of the Top Force Runners Club and the Astute Runners Club.