Location:melle / germany
Ebay ID:currywurstbude

Hi guys,
i start with Tamiya in 1986. The new Monster Beetle was on the market and i got one on christmas! The car and box are still here....after several more models: Falcon, Bruiser, ClodBuster,...i switch to 1:1 models and start with vintage cars. In 2005 i go back to the R/C hobby with helicopters. In 2010 i see the the 1:1 SandScorcher on a meeting and deside to rebuild my R/C cars. Now i´m a little bit infected with the WildWillys M38. The next step is to build a second 1:1 SandScorcher....with a friend who is totally infected with this model.

We think vintage R/C cars is like a time machine - simular to driving a vintage car!

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