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I got into r/c car when I was a little kid and my first Tamiya r/c car was the Tyrrell p34 6-wheeler when I was ~11 years old. I got ripped off as it costs alot of my hard earned pocket money, it was used one. I did not play much at all as there are no suitable flat road. I only can find are marble floors which is too slick for the P34 as it will only do donuts. I still remember the kid who sold it to me. Nickolas Klaas. Later I saved up for brand new Wild Willy, then Maui Hunter, followed by the Frog (awsome buggy), Clod Buster, (I'm one of the first to get it), Kyosho Stinger mk2, then Clod got stolen at school so I got the Hotshot with the insurance money. It look great but piece of junk, RM Porsche 956 (very fast) and then the Fox which is my favorite of all and got to love that water proof design in a modern buggy. I has had the Hotshot which look cool but absolutely the worse buggy I owned, parts worn out ridiculous fast, good that Tamiya made tons of improvement on their next 4wd buggy, the Boomerang. And finally my last kit before moving to overseas for college, The Big Big which is alright, the rack and pinion steering was cool. After college, I owned quite a few Tamiya cars. In 1997 is when I really start to collect vintage Tamiya cars thanks to TRCCE magazine.