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Had my first Nikko RC car (Hornet copy) aged about 8. Used to stand in awe staring at the Tamiya video advertisements in Beatties Nottingham until the age of 12 when I finally got my first Tamiya (1992 Bush Devil) and built it with my dad ready for Christmas. At the age of 14 I bought a second hand Mardave Marauder nitro but all the hassel/mess with glo-plugs and fuel kind of ruined it for me. Sold all my RC kit about 10 years ago. Bought My 5 year old son a Tamiya MadBull last year and really enjoyed building and playing with it. I missed my old car so luckily I was able to buy back my very battered Bush Devil for £20 recently. Bid on a Brushless 8.5T Lazer zx-5 (for a friend) from ebay fixed it with radio gear and servo etc. Loved the handling and speed of it and....Oh dear I am now hooked again and presently enjoying my new build; Tamiya's 'Leonis'.
Always loved cars and bikes, my dad had me scrambling about on a Honda 50c at the age of 4. Once I was old enough my RC cars magazine subscription changed to 'MAX POWER' filled with suped-up Vauxhall Novas and 205's. I don't drive around with 'my windows down and my system up' anymore though but I do still love power hence my remapped BMW 535d (340bhp) family car. Weird how things go full circle and now Tamiya is back in my life with all those 'Max Power' magazines in my parents loft.

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