Location:newark uk
Ebay ID:vtrkid1975

Tamiya fan since 11 years old when I got the original hornet kit then a few years with that i purchased the mud blaster kit, After a few more years i got the clod buster 2 kit which i found a full crawler alloy chassis for which was a giggle.
Have been running a 1:8 scale hong nor x1-crt nitro truggy with a home made brushless conversion using a 800kv motor and 80a esc with 18.5v 5500mah lipo's from my plane which I've sold to come back to cars. less expensive to fix when things go wrong if you catch my drift !!!
My son has just got his 1st Tamiya car , the sand viper dt-02 model with a rs540 sport tuned motor and 19t pinion.
Think thats it for now.

Update , Starting a restoration of a my sons new,well actually old King Blackfoot very soon , pictures to follow.

recently sold the hong nor brushless as it was destroying my sons king blackfoot when accidents happened so purchased a tamiya twin detonator and will update pictures when the mods have finished
another update . mods updated to the twin detonator chassis and the totally out there body now installed.
hope you like my showroom.

Another update thanks to the new site we have here and the current competion that's going I am now on a mission. I've been pondering a one off Hybrid modded twin detonator and modded 4wd king blackfoot I have in the garage to a MONSTER 8WD 4 wheel steering twin esc twin 7.2V battery thing.

After seeing the pictures of the comp winners prize I am so up for it so let the fun begin , photos to follow as and when available

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