Location:East Lansing, MI USA
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I had the Kyosho Ultima (1987), Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog, Blackfoot, Optima, Turbo Inferno, Outlaw Rampage, Vanning, Rowdy Baja, Mint Las Vegas, Stinger MKII, Wildcat and others.
I own a Kyosho Citroen ZX Rallye Raid GP-10 Series. In the Gallery (Quite Rare)
Peugot 405 GP-10 series with ball diffs and hardened gears. In the Gallery (Sold)
Daughters Frog in the Gallery (Sold)
New purchase of a 2014 Tamiya Fighting Buggy!!!! Yay!!!!! Quantum Vantage Pro carbon hopped up in the stable!!!

New additions to the stable, Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 and Kyosho Sandmaster Miku S edition (Daughters), 2016 Turbo Scorpion, 2014 Scorpion (given to my Father) and another Vandal decked out in all aluminum (given to my Father), HG P-407A (Black) (Given to my Father).

New buys as of 2017 Kyosho Turbo Ultima, Kyosho Salute, Turbo Optima,( Sand Master ST-2 (Sold)) another Fighting Buggy 2014 and two basket case Great Vigor Racing Beagles. Was able to created and Optima/Javelin from the parts of the Beagles and Optima's from the Ultima/Salute purchase.

Now I have secured 3 Stinger MK I buggies with one nice shelfer and one runner with a parts buggy in reserve. Also three Stinger MK II buggies with one runner and one parts and one shelfer.

The list is growing Cox Gallop MKI x 2, Cox Progress, Nichimo Exceed Pro 443 , and (Tamiya Boomerang (Sold)) have entered the stables. Another addition but might anger the masses is an HG -P407 RTR and HG -P407A kit. Recently acquired another 2016 Turbo Scorpion a (2011 Sand Rover Re Release (Sold)) and Sand Master EZ RTR orange and black. I again acquired aTurbo Optima and Kyosho Wildcat (I will not be getting rid of this one)

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