Location:East Lansing, MI USA
Ebay ID:unixphreak64

I had the Kyosho Ultima (1987), Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog, Blackfoot, Optima, Turbo Inferno, Outlaw Rampage, Vanning, Rowdy Baja, Mint Las Vegas, Stinger MKII, Wildcat and others.
I own a Kyosho Citroen ZX Rallye Raid GP-10 Series in the Gallery (Quite Rare)
Peugot 405 GP-10 series with ball diffs and hardened gears. In the Gallery (Sold)
Daughters Frog in the Gallery (Sold)
New purchase of a 2014 Tamiya Fighting Buggy!!!! Yay!!!!! Quantum Vantage Pro carbon hopped up in the stable!!!

New additions to the stable, Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 and Kyosho Sandmaster Miku S edition (Daughters), 2016 Turbo Scorpion, 2014 Scorpion (given to my Father) and another Vandal decked out in all aluminum (given to my Father), HG P-407A (Black) (Given to my Father).

New buys as of 2017 Kyosho Turbo Ultima (Sold), Kyosho Salute, Turbo Optima,( Sand Master ST-2 (Sold)) another Fighting Buggy 2014, and two basketcase Great Vigor Racing Beagles (Sold). Was able to create an Optima/Javelin (Sold) from the parts of the Beagles and Optima's from the Ultima/Salute purchase.

Now I have secured 3 Stinger MK I buggies (Sold) with one nice shelfer and one runner with a parts buggy in reserve. Also three Stinger MK II buggies with one runner and one parts and one shelfer.

The list is growing Cox Gallop MKI (one sold), Cox Progress (Sold), Nichimo Exceed Pro 443 (Sold), and (Tamiya Boomerang (Sold)) have entered the stables. Another addition that might anger the masses is an HG -P407 RTR and HG -P407A kit. Recently acquired another 2016 Turbo Scorpion (Sold) (2011 Sand Rover Re Release (Sold)) and Sand Master EZ RTR orange and black. I again acquired a Turbo Optima and Kyosho Wildcat (Sold)

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