Location:Blackpool, England
Ebay ID:Mistress_Web_Uk

32 year old Kid [who still hasn't grown up yet] been collecting and driving RC cars for the last 18 years, but mainly now just into Tamiyas old and new, I now have about 13 models in my collection, 17 if you include my step Sons, from Vintage to Re-release and new releases. I had to recently cull my collection as money was tight but im sure it will bounce back over the next year or so. I also used to race at a low level of club racing but stopped by the age of 18 ish as had to much on with college and work, but would love to get back into it even if its only at club/entry level again. I almost get enough pleasure from them in simply building them modifying them and giving them a thrash about my local parks etc with my step Son. Good times!