Location:Berkshire, England
Ebay ID:aper6555

I'm a 16 year old boy from Berkshire and I collect Vintage RC cars. Not the average pastime of someone my age, I must admit. But I enjoy this side of RC as a hobby, and I appreciate these models, the engineering behind them and their part in the history of our hobby and feel proud to own and run them.

Currently I own the following vintage models:
-Tamiya Ranger XLT (Has a modified Blackfoot I body, as this car came to me with a Rough Rider shell, but a ranger roll bar and front post)
-Tamiya Hornet (My vintage runner, nothing special)
-Tamiya 3-Speed Toyota 4x4 Pickup (Currently being restored, requires more parts)
Associated RC10 Goldpan (A stamp chassis, almost finished restoring it.)
-Kyosho Stinger MK2 (Fully restored, runs like a charm. I have all the original glow engine paraphernalia alongside the sedan conversion with unpainted and undamaged bodyshells)

I also have a few more modern models including an electric converted HPI Baja, a Tamiya CC-01 FJ-40 and an Axial SCX-10 as well as my two racing vehicles; a Schumacher Mi-1 touring car and a Team-C Lupuz 2WD buggy. I started in the world of RC about 3 years prior to owning my first vintage model.

I am on the hunt for various models too, such as an original Blackfoot, a King Blackfoot, a Sand Scorcher and an XR311 or Cheetah. I'd also love to get my hands on an M-38 Wild Willy or Willy's Wheeler, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon due to their value and rarity. The holy grail for me would be a Tamiya Porsche 959, as I have already got my most desired vehicle; an original Toyota Hilux 4x4 3-Speed. A Porsche 935 would be next in line.

I've been gathering these vehicles for about a year now, since I brought my Ranger to my local club when it was the only car I owned and got chatting to a fellow RC enthusiast who also collects vintage RCs and has roughly 180 of them. He inspired me to continue restoring my Ranger and acquire more vintage cars, and I'm glad he did.

I wish to joint the Tamiyaclub Forums to ask questions regarding my Tamiya Toyota Pickup, as well as generally learn better ways to restore and refurbish vintage RC cars. Hopefully, I'll also be able to help out others less experienced than me.

My Tamiyaclub friends...