Ebay ID:roinajina

Very new to RC, wasn't a ritch kid so could only afford a Nikko but I had fun, now im able to buy the cars I drooled over namely anything Avante !

also got a tl01 a df03 and 3 Avantes :) 88's btw :O

forgot the Madcaps ! (x3)
+The Egress W000T love TC ! + egress 2013 Avante bs x 2 2 x ta02 1 x ta01/ta02 I think that's it xD

So Far I have met some brilliant people whom I can never thank enough for being good decent and true to there word.... such as

TIMECMDR, the-way, Percymon, Tamiya era, mongoose1983, Jimmy, Nokemyster,Tamiyabigstuff, Grumpy Pants, speedy_w_beans, TeeForce, ddeanen, Klausen, futureworks, buggy74 ... and hopefully meny more