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Ebay ID:txt1zr600

Tamiya Cowboy aka Westy.. I have another showroom but we moved and I lost access to that account and I was never able to convince the powers that be that I am who I say I am so here I am starting a new showroom with my forum name I have used for years..
I have been in the hobby since I was 11 and I am now 39 as of today... I have over 200 tamiya and kyosho vintage rc cars trucks ect ect ect.. Many many of them restored to shelf queen box art very few runners but a few and a very large collection of NIP vintage parts due to the buying out of a few old hobby shops..

I am also a custom scale crawler and semi builder and have been for many many years... I know a number of the members on the board and it is time to share my collection..

My Tamiyaclub friends...

Proud to be a member of...